Airheads Crafting Mission

Thanks to Smiley360 and the awesome package of Airheads they sent me (for free) to craft with, I was able to use my imagination and “attempt” to build the colorful house from the movie Up using a varety of Airhead candies.


The Up house has its flaws, but we did our best with what we had on hand, our hopeful imaginations, and what little patience we had this day. Here are the steps for our #AirheadsCrafts adventure.

We started with the base of the house. We use a cardboard cutout of a small rectangular box to shape the house. We placed Airheads around the box. Then we placed toothpicks on either ends of the box to form the roof.

We placed a stretched out Airhead onto the toothpicks to form the roof base (to create a sort of glue for the roof “tiles”). Then we placed Airheads Xtremes across the roof base to form the completed roof.

Then we emptied out a pack of Airhead bites and stuck them onto toothpicks to create the bundle of balloons that make the Up house fly. We attached the “balloons” to the roof of the house, and then we were done!

To go above and beyond, you can attach a fron door and front porch. Our patience wasn’t great enough for those additions :/

Our daughter enjoyed eating the final product (after removing all the toothpicks, for safety reasons). It was fun, yet frustrating, to create this house. We probably should have opted for something a bit easier!

For some more fun #AirheadsCrafts ideas, visit

If you are interested in joining Smiley360, please visit here to sign up and learn more (they really are great!).


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