5 Hour Energy Goes Pink

I received two 5-hour ENERGY® pink lemonade shots complimentary of Smiley360. Generally, I am not a fan of energy drinks, but I agreed to take on this mission because of the cause that 5-hour ENERGY® backed in October. Their pink lemonade flavor specifically catered to breast cancer awareness. This is a cause that I will always be behind. The pink lemonade shots personally support Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), which supports the community with breast cancer awareness, as well as giving a helping hand to those who are fighting the battle against breast cancer. Profits from each pink lemonade shot have been donated to the LBBC, with a guaranteed donation of $200,000. I am very glad to see such a popular product help raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

I’d like to raise my white bottle pink ribbon 5-hour ENERGY® in honor of all the amazing people around the world – I want to honor those in my life and my friends’ and families’ lives who have battled breast cancer for showing me how to stay strong when things get tough. I especially want to honor my friend Jade, for staying strong through her mother’s battle with breast cancer. Her mother Brenda will always be in my heart, may she rest in peace. I also want to honor my friend Megan for helping her mother get through multiple battles of breast cancer. Her mother was a fighter, and I love her dearly. May Candace rest in peace. I nominate Jade and Megan to honor someone special or two in your life. #5hourGoesPink


Click here for more information on Smiley360.


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